Adobe Professional Services

Highly skilled resources – Enterprise Architects, Technical Leads, Business Analysts, Product Owners, & Project Managers – to augment the existing teams.

Enterprise Architect:

  • Work closely with business stakeholders to understand their requirements.
  • Provide architectural-level technical guidance & recommendations, and design & develop architecture solutions for Adobe Marketing Cloud that meet customers’ needs.
  • Ensure overall scalability, reliability, and security of Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions.
  • Collaborate with other architects and technical teams to integrate Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions with other enterprise systems.
  • Provide guidance and support to development teams in implementing Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions.
  • Oversee the Devops and deployment optimization.

Technical Lead:

  • Technical leadership: responsible for providing technical leadership and direction for development teams working on Adobe-based solutions.
  • Solution design: works closely with stakeholders to understand business requirements and design solutions that meet those requirements.
  • Development: responsible for overseeing the development of Adobe-based solutions, ensuring that development teams are following best practices and delivering high-quality code.
  • Technical support and maintenance: responsible for providing technical support and maintenance for Adobe-based solutions.