Technology Focus


We have expertise in different types of tools and technologies.

Services offered:

    Sales Process Enablement

  • Facilitating sales process streamlining (consolidating the flow of data in a way that requires minimum manual effort or oversight)
  • Setting up the sales console, integrations with lead generation tools, QuickBooks/accounting system, etc.
    Services Process Enablement

  • Streamlining existing service processes
  • Setting up Community Cloud, service console
  • Setting up Chat-bots, Omni channels etc.
    Marketing Process Enablement

Services offered:

  • Splunk Paid POC
  • Splunk License Estimation and Splunk Apps guidance
  • Splunk Enterprise & ES Health Checks
  • Splunk Enterprise & ES Architecture
    • HA vs DR
    • Single Site vs Multi-Site vs Scalable
    • On-Premise vs Cloud vs SaaS

Our team of certified-consultants can help implement and manage all day-to-day operations of your large-scale distributed AWS deployment.

Services offered:

  • AWS User On-boarding
  • AWS Migration
  • Enabling secure VPCs between AWS Accounts